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In the 70’s, Alain Bizos begins to show conceptual works involving photography, like « vols qualifiés » exhibited in Nice, Paris and New York. Interested in press, he contributes to the creation of the daily newspaper Libération (1973) and of the monthly magazine Un regard moderne (1977).
By his use of colours, his «uncentered » pictures, and his quirky eye on subjects he produced for Actuel (1979), the « new and interesting » monthly magazine officially hiring him, Alain Bizos has influenced a whole new generation of photographers.
His work is often conceptual with a political dimension, such as his series Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Freedom, equality, fraternity), questioning with humor an issue that upset french people at that time.

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    This monograph, designed and produced by Galerie VU' offers a complete view of the work of Alain Bizos. Produced during the artist's show at the gallery, En toute liberté, from 22/02/13 to 11/05/13.   VU' Editions 44 p. 28 x 21,2 cm

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    Alain Bizos, The world in a flash, is the first monograph to be devoted to this particularly rich period in the work of Alain Bizos. This book was published during the artist’s exhibition, En toute liberté, at Galerie VU’. Aman Iman Publishing (2013) 1000 copies Text : Christian Caujolle 28,7 x 21,8 cm ISBN : 978-2-9533910-7-7

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