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The price Niépce in 2016 , was awarded to Laurence Leblanc.

« How does one speak about the consequences of the genocide introduced by the red Khmers in a Cambodia walled up in a guilty silence? How does one describe the muddy situation of the nuns relegated to the shade of a religion, symbolic of their servitude, of the situation of millions of women? How does one speak about an Africa paralyzed by clichés on this side of reality?

Laurence Leblanc's photography does not describe -- strictly speaking -- the world, but rather tends to register the extremely personal apprehension that she has of it. She prefers to highlight impressions in at once legible expressions, to suggest rather than to assert and to print the stigmas that she enlightens of her sensibility, fed for a long time by a deaf revolt against the violence, whatever it is, wherever it comes from, and by the firm obsession of the notion of memory that binds her entire work. Her work is moved by a profound desire to describe and to make react through the prism of a claimed sensitivity that shows itself in a blurred photography on the edge of disappearance. »

Gilou Le Gruiec

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