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Pierre Verger was born in Paris (France)1 and died in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), was a French photographer and ethnologist.

He also bore the name Fatumbi ("Ifa made him be reborn", in Yoruba), following his initiation as Babalawo, priest of Ifa (Orunmila), the Yoruba deity of creation.
He devoted most of his work to the religions of the Gulf of Guinea (mainly Fon and Yoruba) and to Afro-Brazilian religions (mainly Candomblé).

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    This book is the complete reprint of Dieux d'Afrique by Pierre Verger published by Paul Hartmann, Paris 1954 Last new copies available Publisher : Revue Noire , April 1995 Essay and 180 photographs by Pierre Fatumbi Verger Introductions by Théodore Monod and Roger Bastide In French only ISBN 2 909571 130

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