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  • Hakanai Sonzai
    Hakanai Sonzai

    Published by Xavier Barral (2023) Text: Michel Poivert, historian of...

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  • Faire corps
    Faire corps

    Publisher : self-publication, limited edition of 100 copies (2021) Size...

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List of products by artists Tunbjörk Lars

Swedish. Born in 1956 in Boras. Represented by Agence & Galerie VU'.
« All of [Lars Tunbjörk’s] energy has focused on the exploration of color, which he treats with a vast knowledge of the research of the great American photographers of the 1970’s. This would be the starting point for his questioning of the world, a series of interrogations rather than a recording, that he develops without pessimism but with an undeniable affliction, and that he nurses with an often scathing sense of humor.
With time, his work grew more radical, refined, and became less anecdotal, ending with a series in which he no longer represents individuals but imposes the often absurd traces of their presence and actions. From close-up portraits to still life, from empty spaces to radical landscapes, he entrusts the color to assert his point of view, calmly and without effect. »

Christian Caujolle, Agence VU’ Galerie, Actes Sud, Photo Poche, 2006

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    Texts by Chritian Caujolles 72 pages size 28 x 19 cm Editions Diaphane (2012) ISBN: 2919077139

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    Signed book - Out of printVery good state Steidl/Hasselblad Center (February 2, 2003) 106 pages 28.8 cm x 27.4 cm Clothbound with a tipped-in photograph ISBN: 3-88243-868-1

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    Éditeur : Max Ström (23 octobre 2018) Texte de : Kathy Ryan, Göran Odbratt et Maud Nycander 250 photos 336 pages Taille : 29,2 x 26,7 cm ISBN: 9789171264398

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