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Born in 1985, based in Paris, Nolwenn Brod is a visual artist, Member of the Agency VU‘ since 2016.

For several years, Nolwenn Brod has been working on the body and the landscape and questioning the relationship of one to the other in a phenomenological approach. The body as postures and gestures, and the landscape as a true experience of a space that evolves and in which it travels, between the inner and outer horizon.
The meeting is also sensitive experience, it determines the affects of individuals, according to different circles and rhythms. His photographs are somehow imprinted with the nostalgia of personal situations lived or not (the drifts of the memory). Nolwenn Brod tries to record the emotions that make up the being, to touch them, to want to make visible the sensations. It can also cause situations, while remaining attentive to the unexpected, to the accident.
Her photographic work tends to cross different disciplines: video, sculpture, tapestry, notably with La Ritournelle for which she received in 2017 the Elie Saab grant at 32nd Festival International de Mode et de Photographie de la Villa Noailles.

Her works are regularly exhibited in France and Europe, appear in the artotheques collections, the CNAP, the Nicéphore Niépce Museum, the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items