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Swedish. Born in 1975. Lives in Sweden.
At art school in Paris Maja Forslund spent a lot time seated before croquis models, sketching their swiftly-moving poses every day for months. Those sessions have been the raw material of painters' careers for hundreds of years, teaching them to interpret and shape the human form, but when Forslund returned to the subject matter as a photographer, she broke new ground. The camera adds another dimension. Details that would be elided by the nature and speed of a sketch stick indelibly to her compositions, creating Surreal and often tragic portraits. Props seem to become the models' belongings-a pair of slippers, a fan and some spots of paint accrue meaning-and the circumstance of being naked in a crowd is revealed as bizarre. A man in the midst of easels and scattered stools recalls a survivor on a battlefield. Forslund was born in Stockholm in 1975, and this is her first book.

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    Limited to 15 copies, the signed book goes with a signed and numbered pigment print (24 x 30)   Steidl (2013) First edition Editing : G.U.N. 24 x 30 cm ISBN : 978 3 86521 410 2

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    Out of print book At art school in Paris Maja Forsslund sat before croquis models, sketching every day for four months. Forsslund left Paris and moved to Kraków to continue her studies and she returned to these croquis models, but this time with a camera. Steidl (2013) First edition Editor : G.U.N. 24 x 30 cm ISBN : 978 3 86521 410 2

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