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  • Hakanai Sonzai
    Hakanai Sonzai

    Published by Xavier Barral (2023) Text: Michel Poivert, historian of...

    52,13 €
  • Faire corps
    Faire corps

    Publisher : self-publication, limited edition of 100 copies (2021) Size...

    28,44 €

List of products by artists Chapin Jean-Luc

Few photographers today possess the literary talent of Jean-Luc Chapin. Committed to photographing the nature described by writer Michel de Montaigne, Chapin looks to comprehensively read a landscape whose details truly mark the passage of time.

His relation to nature is thus inseparable from that of his photography. This rapport revitalizes fading traces that photography can render immortal. Chapin rediscovered these landscapes by allowing himself to be guided by his whims and the writers who strived to capture delicate events such as a bird in flight.

Before becoming a freelance photographer, Chapin worked as Claude Anaf’s photography assistant. Today he divides his time between publishing, personal research, and collaborating with contemporary writers.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item