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Swedish. Born in 1967. Lives in Malmö, Sweden.
Represented by the Galerie VU'. « What matters, and what makes this work so compelling, is the way it is seen. Martin Bogren, has been accepted into a world clearly prohibited to adults. He doesn’t let himself be carried away by the exuberance of what he sees, or the excess, nor does he allow any complacency.
A silent witness – it is truly remarkable that these images of moments of fury should be silent to this extent – he observes. In compositions as flexible as they are precise, as natural and instinctive as they are understated, he endeavours to report what he sees and what he perceives. At every moment he finds the right distance, one which states nothing other than the subjectivity of his perspective and he succeeds in combining a documentary approach with a sensitive affirmation of his vision.
One thinks, of course, of all those photographers who – from Robert Franck onwards, from Anders Petersen to Michael Ackerman – have known how to give us the gift of their way of looking, telling us that they wanted to show nothing more than what they needed to show and to say. »

Christian Caujolle, extract of the foreword of Tractor boys, Dewi Lewis, 2013.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items