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Spanish, born in 1983. Lives and works in Nauchipán, Spain. Juanan Requeña is an alchemist of light and verb, but also of stones, wood, strings, paper... He likes to scratch, glue, write, erase, build and renovate, make and break, constantly weaving multiple paths in a constant quest for the poetry of everyday life. He was born in an arid village in the English Channel, where he marvelled at the horizon by building huts in the corn fields.
After beautiful failures and constant drift, he headed south to the sea, where he learned hendecasyllables and flamenco, selling books and serving coffee. He turned into a traveler, a technician for rock band tours, filling inexhaustible diaries. Thus, he wandered, covered with saltpetre and doubts, until he convinced himself that the gaze and poetry could unite in the same incandescence: a struggle that he tries to transcribe, without ever stopping, even today.

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