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  • Hakanai Sonzai
    Hakanai Sonzai

    Published by Xavier Barral (2023) Text: Michel Poivert, historian of...

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    Faire corps

    Publisher : self-publication, limited edition of 100 copies (2021) Size...

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List of products by artists Winship Vanessa

English. Born in 1960 in Scunthorpe. Lives in London.
Represented by Agence & Galerie VU'.

« I lived and worked in the region of the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus for more than a decade. My work, focuses on the junction between chronicle and fiction, exploring ideas around concepts of borders, land, memory, desire, identity and history. I am interested in the telling of history, and in notions around periphery and edge. For me photography is a process of litracy, a journey of understanding. »

Vanessa Winship

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    Mack Books (july 2018) Vanessa Winship (Photos) David Chandler (Foreword) 256 pages 23 cm x 24 cm Silk-screen printed linen on stitches, OTA bound paperback ISBN 978-1-912339-09-9

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    "One enduring image that had always struck me as travelled across Turkey were the schoolgirls in their little blue dresses. I decided to make a series of portraits."VW Images en Manoeuvres Editions (2008) 108 pages 22,4 x 18,2 cm ISBN :2849951293  

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    Publisher:Deadbeat Club, 04/2022 Text by: Jem Poster Language: English 104 pages ISBN : 978-1-952523-03-8

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    The reprint of this hugely successful 2013 book coincides with a retrospective of the work of Vanessa Winship at the Barbican Art Gallery in London from June to September 2018. Second edition  Mack Books (juin 2018) 144 pages 64 tritone plates 24 cm x 27 cm Printed and embossed linen hardcover ISBN 978-1-907946-36-3

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