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English. Born in 1949 in Sedgefield. Lives in Liverpool.

John Davies’ work is a synthesis of traditionally opposed trends of a way of representing landscapes in photography. Indeed, when he looks at nature or cities, often in the suburbs, he is either contemplative or analytical, and sometimes both.

The son of a minor of Wales, John Davies was particularly interested in the traces of industry in landscapes. He is close to the New Topographs (Lewis Baltz, the Becher…) who, in the 70’s and 80’s, photographed the man-altered landscapes and focused on the transitional and on ruin.
But, unlike them, John Davies doesn’t want to see photographs as bare topographical views. He considers aesthetic as essential. The classical compositions offer large and remote views. The very huge as a dialogue with the very small. Details are numerous. Nevertheless, John Davies'prints are not cold. The artist always manages to reveal the lyrical part of the site he is observing.

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