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An American living in Paris for more than 30 years, Jane Evelyn Atwood follows a reporting and documentary style belonging to the American tradition. As the "concerned photographer" she practices the photo essay to investigate and establish contexts. Not surprisingly, her merits earned her the honour of laureate from the prestigious W. Smith Foundation.

In her first work concerning the prostitutes of Paris’ rue St. Denis, she began an exploration of a world governed by its own laws and founded upon a rigorous generosity.
Committing her next project to documenting the blind of Paris, she immediately became acknowledged as one of the great practionners of social photography as well as a simple, elegant writing style.
Empathetic, non-superficial, and respective toward her subjects, she immerses herself in their lives. Jane comes to terms with the element of time and does not fight against it. She extended this lesson to her collections about female prisoners around the world and landmines.

Although she has always preferred black and white, she has also produced many important collections in colour ; for instance, her work with the Foreign Legion, the nation of Haïti, and a seminal report showing the final days of a dying AIDS patient.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items