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« Over the years, my work has taken various forms, but people have always been the focus of my concern––their activities, the traces they leave behind. Photography has allowed me to remain among them, to be, in Merleau-Ponty’s words, “both seer and seen.”

For years I have been engaged in revealing secret worlds, places that had been rejected outright or were too fleeting to capture our attention. Sometimes I confronted my subject directly, at others I hunted it down, stealing its image. Feelings of transgression, clandestinity, obsession, and movement were often present. And at times primordial loss, the narcissistic wound, the impossible desire of the Other seeped into my field of view. Now, however, I am more interested by the unstable nature of what we call reality. Photography is a marvelous tool for interrogating our presence/absence in the world. It is essential for me to question my practices and recognize the subjectivity of my perspective, as well as the spectacular aspect of the media in which I participate. I am looking for forms of narration that are more personal, interactive, and inclusive, while seeking an ever fragile equilibrium among poetic, psychological, and political perspectives. [...]

My work is a way of looking through a half-open door, revealing a place where stories aren’t articulated or explained but remain secret, affording us the pleasure of discriminating, discovering, imagining. »

Jean-Christian Bourcart

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items