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Italian photographer, born in 1958 in Catania (Italy), Massimo Siragusa lives and works in Rome where he also teaches photography (European Institute of Design). Represented by VU' since 2018.

After studying political science, Massimo Siragusa develops his photographic writing practice in a personnal self-taught way, until his meeting with Ferdinando Scannia in 1987 makes him decide to settle as professional photographer.

Massimo Siragusa then undertakes to photograph the Italian territory in its broadest sense: in what he reveals of the people who walks over it, lives it, modifies it, gives it to see or on the contrary hides it. Natural or urban landscape, exterior or interior, heritage, contemporary or ordinary architecture, places of life, leisure or passage: he documents public spaces such as private or intimate ones with the same frontal process. Like a theatre set, planes accumulate, traces are juxtaposed, lines are drawn, colours are dyed in some unreal light. Behind fixed frame and apparent immobility, Massimo Siragusa's photographs point out differences and value similarities, sometimes up to vertigo and loss of reference points. 

In parallel to these personal projects, Massimo Siragusa carries out commissioned works for Italian and international companies in the industrial, energy, hotel and luxury sectors.  

Winner of prestigious awards including four world press, his work is regularly published in the international press (New York Times Magazine, Die Zeit, Geo Germany and Japan, Le Figaro Magazine), and exhibited throughout the world.

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