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List of products by artists Petersen Anders

Swedish. Born in 1944 in Solna. Lives in Stockholm.

« The alumnus and friend of Christer Stromhölm remains as usual attached to the human being, to his enigma, to his solitude and to the depth of the complex feelings that he knew how to bring to light as well to the psychiatric hospital in prison. To succeed in this deep "truth", he lives with those whom he photographs. He summarizes perfectly the dilemma which is his own: "I know that to make good photos, to be for the just distance, I have to have one foot inside and one foot outside. My problem is that, at the end, I have always two feet inside!"

It dates from beginning when, in 1967, he settles down for three years in a bar of the port of Hamburg, the cafe Lehmnitz, haunted by the sailors on a binge, the prostitutes, the lost and the alcoholics of the district. There, we drink, we dance, we love each other, we cry, we sing. Anders lives there, takes photos in flight and draws up a deeply moving portrait of a drifing humanity, which he likes profoundly. And he reveals, in rare situations of marginalization, an intensity and the truth of the feelings. »

Christian Caujolle, Agence VU’ Galerie, Photo Poche n°107, Actes Sud, 2006

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    This is not an interview, it is an exchange, a long discussion between Anders Petersen, Swedish photographer and Christian Caujolle, founder of Agency and Galerie VU', about photography, life, values, influences, those of Christer Strömholm, those of Daido Moriyama… André Frère Editions (2013) French 120 pages Soft cover 14 x 19 cm ISBN:...

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    Gröna Lund is the second reprint of Anders Petersen's book Gröna Lund om människör pa ett nöjesfalt published by Fyra Förläggare (Stockholm) in 1973. Aman Iman Publishing (2013) 96 pages 28 x 21,5 cm Soft cover ISBN : 979-10-92727-02-9

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    Swiss binding, limited to 20 copies with a signed and numbered 18×24 cm print. Selected as one of the Best Books 2009 by Ed Templeton for Aman Iman Publishing (2009) 96 pages 28 x 21,5 cm ISNB : 978-2-9533910-2-2

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    Limited to 77 copies numbered and signed,  With an original print signed and numbered by Anders Petersen. 2 available images. This print is entitled Paris, 2006.   The book is signed and numbered :  Max Ström / BNF (2013) Texts by Anne Biroleau, Marie Lundquist and Urs Stahel French 400 pages 20 x 29,6 cm ISBN 13: 9789171262837

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    Signed book Journal (2002) 90 pages 24 x 19 cm ISBN: 9197362921

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    "In various different projects he has photographed the imprisoned of this world. And in the universe of Anders Petersen imprisonment in life has many shapes and forms." Le Point du Jour (2002) Text and interview by Birna Marianne Kleivan French 64 pages 21 x 25 cm ISBN : 2-912132-22-3

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     For the first time ever in Paris, a big monographic exhibition is devoted to Anders Petersen at the Bibliothèque nationale de France. This monograph has been done for the occasion.  Max Ström / BNF (2013) Texts by Anne Biroleau, Marie Lundquist and Urs Stahel French 400 pages 20 x 29,6 cm ISBN 13: 9789171262837

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