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In 2018, he was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 personalities of the year. For the new edition of his album, Reporters Without Borders opens its pages to JR.
A unique portfolio that takes you around the world in JR's eyes.

The eyes of women from all over the world, the wrinkles of our elders, the silhouettes of our archives... JR gives birth to the city of its secrets, our omissions and the injustices of our societies. He has the talent that makes great artists: knowing how to address everyone.
Upstream of the portfolio, RSF devotes a long dossier to journalism in comic form.

At a time when journalists are finding it increasingly difficult to disseminate their investigations, the comic strip brings a new perspective on reality. For the past thirty years, comics has been celebrated by a tribe that has traded in the keyboard, camera, microphone or camera for pencils, pens and inks - mostly black. Who are the reporters who prefer this alternative form of journalistic narrative? What does the drawing bring to their investigations.