Silverthorne Jeffrey

Limited edition Directions for leaving

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Limited to 15 copies,

With a print, 25,5 x 20 cm, signed and numbered.

The print Eurydice, Silent Fires, 1982-1984 is joined to this copy.


The book, signed and numbered :

  • Essay by : Annie Proulx
  • Fotografisk Center (2007)
  • 22 x 16,5 cm
  • ISBN :978-87-90362-38-6  

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Over the past thirty-five years Jeffrey Silverthorne has photographed authority figures, nudes, protitutes ready for business, prisoners, illegals immigrants, border bars and cheap hotel rooms, carnival denizens, people in the fringe worlds of American society, moribund animals, himself and the dead. He is internationally known for the post-mortem genre he pioneered, photographs of the dead that shocked and repelled even as they fascinated. Several of those photographs have achieved wide fame, as "Woman Who Died in Her Sleep", showing a lithe young woman in a provocative pose, a slight smile as though about to awake to a lover; but she lies on a morgue table and the sensuality of the pose is belied by the coarse black stitches of the infamous Y-incision.