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Award for the best book of the year in the national book category at PhotoEspaña2020

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English version

  • Co-published by RM, Comunidad de Madrid, Museo Universidad de Navarra, 2018

  • Texts by : David Campany, Alejandro Castellote and Mario Montalbetti

  • Hardback - 176 pages 

  • 28,7 x 22,4 mm

  • Isbn: 978-84-17047-92-4 

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Universos , the new book by David Jiménez, offers a survey of some of the projects the photographer has undertaken over the past twenty-five years and more, such as Versus and Aura, as well as an advance glimpse of the work he is currently engaged in: Roma. The book traces the development of the creative processes through which Jiménez has shaped his personal style, which aspires to give expression to an intangible, dreamlike, magical world. 

Universos is an exploration of the photographer’s visual universe, constructed around the resonances generated by phenomena and expressed through a dialogue of images. The poetics of Jiménez present reality as a product of our imagination. 

David Jiménez’s work has been evolving over the years. He has gradually reduced the narrative component of his photographs, making them ever more abstract, and using photographs as visible mutations of memories, which offer the viewer an esthetic experience in which images change their meaning. 

This book accompanies the first retrospective exhibition of Jiménez’s work at the Sala Canal de Isabel II in Madrid.