Ariño Israel

La gravetat del lloc / La pesanteur du lieu, 1ere édition

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1ere édition

This book was awarded :

2018, special distinction, Prize of the book of the year to PHotoEspaña.

2017, Arts Libris Prize by the Banc de Sabadell Foundation.

  • Book with case
  • Ediciones Anomalas 2017
  • Format : 32 x 24 cm
  • 120 pages 
  • ISBN : 979-10-91494-23-6
  • Edition of 1500 copies

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Night is sublime, day is beautiful. Immanuel Kant.
La pesanteur du lieu is a project realized during a creation residency at Domaine de Kerguéhennec, Brittany. Kerguéhennec is a Contemporary Art Center presenting more than 30 sculptures installed through the landscape, a meaningful place charged with memory where other artists left their marks.
The series explores the concept of « place » as an axis for emotional connection though darkness, for borderline representation and perception of reality. Night seems as a tool for discovery, mystery and pleasure, as a hieroglyphic space that leads us to imagine something beyond what we really see. We are entering in the domain of mental, imperceptible, discovery. 
In the end, this proposal is more sensorial than reasoned, full of intangible elements that appears and disappears slowly as we turn the pages.
This work has been published with the participation of Morbihan (Department) in the context of a Israel Ariño’s creation residency at Domaine de Kerguéhennec from October to November 2016. It also received the support and participation of Galerie VU’ and Grisart.