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Spanish. Born in 1928 in Saint Boi de Llobregat. Died in 2009.
Represented by the Galerie VU'.

« Terré is difficult to define. His photography, while it fully shares the plastic results achieved by most of the members of his generation, does not share the same points of departure of many of his contemporaries. […] Terré has rejected the documentary spirit and settled in some timeless place where the decisive moment holds no meaning whatsoever […]. His gaze holds an unusual poetic discourse at a breaking point where straightforward transgression, without circumvolutions, seems to be the best dialectic. The formal violence of his images, in blacks and whites that scarcely exist, even in photography, do not represent gratuitous agression […]. I would define it rather as a loud alarm bell that invites us to rethink our own human values. »

Pere Formiguera, «Where the gaze does not reach», in Ricard Terré, Lunwerg/Fundacion La Caixa, 1995

« Ricard Terré is one of the most outsanding photographers of the AFAL Generation (Photographic association of Almeria), the photography group internationaly recognised as being representative of the avant-garde photography in the years 1956-1962. […] His photographic work, with a great thematic and formal coherence, bears a personal stamp that is recognisable even in the diverse series he is producing lately. »

Laura et Jordi Terré, Ricard Terré. Imatges abandonades, Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llob, 2002

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items