Adrien Selbert

Srebrenica, nuit à nuit

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  • Coédition  : Le Bec en l'air & La Photographie_Maison Blanche (2016)
  • 88 pages, 45 colour photographs
  • 19 cm x 25 cm
  • soft cover with flaps
  • ISBN 978-2-36744-091-0

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On 9 July 1995, the Serbian army attacked the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica. Nearly 8,000 men will be massacred in three days. In Bosnia, and in the rest of the world, the ancient thermal city becomes the symbol of barbarity in ex-Yugoslavia. Twenty years after what remains the greatest massacre in Europe since the Second World War, the city seems frozen in the darkness of its history. A new generation wanders through its remains. She is the age of genocide and is experiencing the indefinable time that is the post-war period as she seeks to extricate herself from this endless night.
It is this reality that Adrien Selbert shows who, to accentuate the symbolic dimension, photographed Srebenica at night. This photographic series, which journalist Roger Cohen (New York Times) accompanies with a text, has won numerous awards, including the White House Prize 2015.
Text from : Roger Cohen