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Cette monographie complète et bien conçue réunit des images issues des ouvrages de Christer Strömholm (extrêmement difficiles à trouver !), des inédits, des témoignages et analyses de son travail. La "Bible sur le travail de Christer" d'après son fils, Joakim Strömholm.

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  • Max Ström (2012)
  • English
  • 406 pages
  • 22,5 x 27,1 cm
  • ISBN : 9789171261748

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" It was the morning of 11 January 2002.

Christer Strömholm's major exhibition had been extended but was over and packing it away was sad. The phone rang. Before Gilou had time to say it, I knew. "Joakim called. Christer has just died." Beyond the pain, the sense of loss blended with consummation. Christer had been incredibly eager to have his Paris exhibition, in the city that has meant so much to him but which had never really given him recognition. Gravely ill, he had "threatened" to be transported by ambulance from Stockholm for the opening. This was naturally impossible but we sent him pictures from the installation and then of the vernissage crowd squeezed into the large and totally inadequate gallery space. He was part of it, in a way, and almost childishly content. We had fulfilled our duty."

Christian Caujolle, extrait de Post Scriptum