Huguier Françoise

Virtual Seoul

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  • Actes Sud Beaux Arts (2016)
  • Photography : Françoise Huguier
  • Text : Patrick Maurus
  • 252 pages
  • ISBN 978-2-330-06667-3

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With Virtual Seoul, the photographer Françoise Huguier attempts to solve an enigma haunting her since she travels across the world and especially Asia: how a town can become, in thirty years, the spearhead of the pop culture in the whole Asia ? How South-Korea has succeed to increase its influence so much it fades the Japanese modernity ? 
By travelling along a urban universe, where the boundaries between virtual and reality seems to abolish or dissolve themselves, the artist shows us and helps us understand the tracks and signs of this spectacular mutation. But this fast modernization has a reverse side… Françoise Huguier explores, in the deepth, the unhappiness caused by these disruptions whose the still-Confucian society suffered, for a large part.