Petit traité de l'incertitude, 2018 View larger

Requena Juanan

Petit traité de l'incertitude, 2018

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Gelatin-silver print transferred to coffee made by the artist
in a limited edition of 3 copies, size approximately 10 x 8 cm

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With his fragile, ephemeral and contemplative images, small moments of eternity taken from the thread of things out of time, Juanan Requeña takes us adrift, on his path paved with uncertainties. He takes us into the folds of his running wake, opening up the field of fiction for us,
of the imaginary, of the possible and above all of the emotions.

His images are as visible as they are read. Intimately linked to literature, his photographs are fragments mixed with words, objects and lights. Intimately linked to text and literature, his fragile and dreamlike images, with their strong poetic evocative power, are as many calls to reverie and mental travel. These small silver prints (made by the author with the rare talent of an alchemist), with warm shades, often transformed into coffee, condense his strange way of seeing, of capturing the light, the incandescence and the flavour of moments of grace.

He often accompanies his prints with texts (sometimes handwritten on the image or wall) and produces books, like so many diaries, which he and his other works accumulate in the wonderful junk of his studio nestled under the roof of a barn in a remote Spanish village. Touching everything, he makes his prints (delicate, velvety, silver, often transferred to coffee), makes his frames, elaborates
fanciful hangings....

Juanan Requeña is the creator of an original world, where every image, every word, is a trace on the path he shares with us. He often repeats No hay que detenerse (do not stop). We should not believe that this is any kind of injunction to the emergency, but rather a tenacious desire to chart - rather than follow - a path, a tireless pursuit, eager for light, fulgeration and grace.