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List of products by artists Rodrigo Gomez-Rovira

Rodrigo Gomez Rovira was born in 1968 in Santiago, Chile. Today he lives and work in Valparaiso.

Rodrigo Gómez Rovira arrived with his family in France in 1973 to escape Pinochet's dictatorship. After studying psychology in Paris, he decided to be a photographer and dedicated his first piece to the city of Colombes, a suburb of Paris, where he spent his childhood. 

In 1996, he embarked on a Polish cargo for a 45-day trip to Chile,
where he stayed and launched his own agency, Imagen Memoria Autor (IMA). 

In 2003, he curated a show in Perpignan’s Festival “Visa pour L’Image” which presented the work of four Chilean photographers under the dictatorship.

Rodrigo Gomez Rovira’s photography concentrates Latin America. He has been photographing throughout the continent: in Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Patagonia, Peru, Bolivia, etc. He was awarded with many bursaries and grants to produce shows and books. 

While still working as a photographer for international companies and NGO’s (Schneider, Veolia, Commerce Equitable, Codelco, CGE, ENAMI…), Rodrigo Gomez Rovira is a regular consultant in visual communication for large international groups, for which he also produces videos 

Rodrigo Gomez is also the Director of the International Photography festival of Valparaiso. 

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items