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  • Persan-Beaumont

    Photos: Denis DailleuxText: Abdellah Taïa Le Bec en l’air (2018)...

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  • My brother Guillaume & Sonia
    My brother Guillaume & Sonia

    French edition signed by Margot Wallard Publisher: Journal (2013) 132...

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  • Karaoke Sunne
    Karaoke Sunne

    Super Labo (2014) 14.5 x 21 cm 160 pages 158 Images(color) Hard cover...

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  • Natten

    signed book Design : Greger Ulf Nilson 240 pages - Couverture rigide...

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List of products by artists Pierre-Olivier Deschamps

French. Born in 1957 in Caen. Lives in Paris.
Represented by the Agence VU'.
Pierre-Olivier Deschamps’ in-depth knowledge of photographic techniques, in all fields and formats, has enabled him to carry out intense photographic work on assignment while developing personal initiatives fine-tuned to suit his every purpose. A demanding realist, he eases from work for lifestyle magazines to portraits and from Moroccan travel to architectural analysis.
For several years he has been creating work in the field of still life and architecture and going beyond the constraints of representation to underline its challenges. Throughout all his work there are reflection of his beginnings when a dialogue with Claude Bricage allowed him to confront his need to transform theatrical photography and escape mere reproduction.

In 2010, one picture of his series Residence won a World Press Photo Award for contemporary issues.
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    Limited edition of 100 copiesFull paper cardboard caseMagnetic embossed cover 215 x 275 x 32 mm7 fine art prints 18 x 24 cmCertificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

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