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  • And Time Folds
    And Time Folds

    Mack Books (july 2018) Vanessa Winship (Photos) David Chandler...

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    She dances on Jackson

    The reprint of this hugely successful 2013 book coincides with a...

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List of products by artists Martin Kollar

Slovakian. Born in 1971.

Martin Kollar is Slovakian. Not without humour and originating from a country with a strong photographic tradition, he has chosen the still image to uniquely document a nation changing from socialism to capitalism and the nationalist concerns rooted in this transformation.
Immediately drawn toward the happy nature of colour photography, he offers us an array of amusing snapshots of situations on the edge of absurdity. Simultaneously, he is keenly aware of how to keep the necessary distance to properly reveal the bizarre.
This completely disrespectful photography is nonetheless celebratory, while maintaining a serious critique of our lifestyle and the way we occupy space.

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    In 2009, Slovak photographer Martin Kollar went to Clermond-Ferrand in order to propose his own vision of the city. He likes to track down comical, absurd or ironical situations. He’s interested in daily life and anonymous and tries to capture the particular atmosphere of the place he is. Diaphane éditions (2011) 42 pages 20 x 28 cm...

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