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  • Persan-Beaumont

    Photos: Denis DailleuxText: Abdellah Taïa Le Bec en l’air (2018)...

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  • My brother Guillaume & Sonia
    My brother Guillaume & Sonia

    French edition signed by Margot Wallard Publisher: Journal (2013) 132...

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  • Karaoke Sunne
    Karaoke Sunne

    Super Labo (2014) 14.5 x 21 cm 160 pages 158 Images(color) Hard cover...

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  • Natten

    signed book Design : Greger Ulf Nilson 240 pages - Couverture rigide...

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List of products by artists Jean-Robert Dantou

Jean-Robert Dantou was trained both at Louis Lumière school and at the EHESS ( a french social science institute). For the past decade he has been investigating the connections between photography and the social sciences. His work explores issues like memory, mental health and migrations. In the past few years he carried out different investigations in the USA, in Germany, in Asia, in France and in Chile. He also hosted sound and visual workshops for newly arrived students at the Jean Renoir secondary school in Bondy, in the suburbs of Paris. His work led to several exhibitions and to a number of publications on subjects like contemporary China (« Ombres Chinoises », ed. Atlantica 2004), the french cooperative sector (« Ceux qui aiment les lundis », ed. Le Chêne 2012), or the french small and middle-sized companies (« Mon entreprise prend la pose », ed. Democratic Books 2010). Today, he divides his time between french intitutional commissions (Ile de France region, French Ministry of National Education, Civic Service Agency) and artist residencies (DRAC, ARS, EHESP). Artist-in-residence at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris since 2012, he collaborates with an interdisciplinary social sciences research team.

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    Signed bookPhotoEspana 2016, best Photography Book of the Year in the International category. KEHRER Editions (2015) Texts : Jean-Robert Dantou, Florence Weber, Christian Caujolle Size 17 x 23.5 cm 344 pages + booklet (12 pages) Cardboard cover, print on canvass Bilingual French/English ISBN 978-3-86828-650-2

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    PhotoEspana 2016, best Photography Book of the Year in the International categorySigned and numbered limited edition of 15 copies with a signed print (15,2cmx21,3cm)3 images available, each print is numbered /15. 

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